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Thomas Produce Company
Of South Florida
Grower and Shippers of Quality Vegetables
9905 Clint Moore Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33496
Robert Murray
Rohm and Haas Company
7100 Twin Eagle Lane
Fort Myers, Florida 33912
Phone  941-561-8733     Mobile 941-707-2272
Michael P Seese
PO Box 11094
Naples, FL 34101
Phone 941-910-4837      Fax 941-514-0168
Fred Heald
 Farmers Supply Inc
710 Broward Street
Immokalee, FL 34142
Phone 941- 657-8254     Fax 941-657-2005
LaBelle Plant World, Inc.
Tommy Smith: President
Scott Smith: Vice President
We Grow Plants for the Pros
LaBelle, Florida     Phone 863-675-2020
Bob Conrad
Asgrow Vegetable Seeds
1923 Indian Creek Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33917
Phone 941- 370-5893     Fax 941-543-7003
Growers Shippers Importers Exporters
David Pensabene: Production Manager
Naples Operations 
Phone 941-353-0300         Fax 941-353-3407
Robert F Gregg
Syngenta Crop Protection
11051 Championship Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33913
Office 941-561-8568  Fax 941-561-8569
Cell 941-851-3739
Email: bob.gregg@syngenta.com
Shelby F. Hinrichs
AGTROL International
6943 Scarboro Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Phone 941-437-9970        Fax 941-437-2646
Mike Raines
Griffin LLC
13171 Lake Meadow Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33913
Phone 941-274-3102       Fax 941-564-0072
Ted and Trudy Winsberg
Green Cay Farms, Inc.
Rt 1  Box 331B
Boyton Beach,  Florida 33437-9727
Phone 561-499-5345
 Donna Muir Strickland
Monsanto Crop Protection
PO Box 1723
LaBelle, Florida 33975
Phone 863-675-4250
Glades Crop Care, Inc.
Leaders in Crop Health
Charlie  Mellinger, Ph.D.
Phone 561-746-3740       Fax 561-746-3775
Mark Verbeck
Bayer Crop Protection Products
20750 N River Road
Alva, Florida 33920
Phone 941-728-8847     Cell 941-980-5295
Glen Kaufman
Paramount Seeds, Inc.
PO Box 1866
Palm City, Florida 34991
Phone 561-221-0653       Fax 561-221-0102
Walter Preston
Manatee Fruit Company
PO Box 128
Palmetto, Florida 34220-0128
Phone 941-722-3279     Fax 941-729-5151
Tim Krueger
Novartis Crop Protection
3859 Hidden Acres Circle
Fort Myers, Florida 33903
Phone 941-652-0533    tim.krueger@cp.novartis.com
Thermo Trilogy Corporation
Dr. Adam Muckenfuss 561-781-2233
Sales: Joe Craig 941-965-1145
Ed Dickenson 941-318-9004
Javelin® Agree® Trilogy® Neemix®
AgriEnergy Resources
Sam Hipp
 21417 1950 E St., Princeton IL 61356
Phone 954-563-8753    Fax 815-872-1928 
Scott Allison
1155 Commerce Drive
LaBelle, Florida 33935
Phone 863-675-3700   Cell 863-851-0613
Crop Protection Management
Syed Fazli, Ph.D. (Texas A&M)
Certified Crop Consultant/Pathologist
Phone 954-731-2065  Fax 954-341-2152
Sim Nifong
Dow AgroSciences LLC
292 Lake Pearl Drive
Lake Placid, Florida 33852
Phone 863-699-9150   Cell 863-745-0237
Sarah Hornsby, CCA
Agricultural Crop Consulting, Inc
Scouting: Manatee, Hillsborough, Collier
Office/Fax 941-776-1122 
Cell 941-713-6116
Email: AgCropCon@aol.com
Mr and Mrs Raymond Cordell
410 Via Esplande
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
Colony Helicopters 
Aquatic Weed Spraying
Citrus Spraying
Frost Protection
Offices in LaBelle and Ft Pierce
Capital Agricultural 
Property Services, Inc.
201 South Orange Avenue, Suite 790
Orlando, Florida 32801
Farm Credit 
of Southwest Florida ACA
330 N Brevard Avenue
Arcadia, Florida 34266

Thad G. Boatwright
Monsanto Crop Protection
1089 Forsythia Lane
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Office 561-478-4970 Fax 561-478-4970
Cell 561-719-6820
If you would like to help support this publication, 
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Your support is desperately needed!
If you would like to help support this publication, 
please contact us.
Your support is desperately needed!

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