Commercial Vegetable Production

Vegetables are big business in southwest Florida.  Graced with an abundance of land, water, and sunshine and favored with mild winters - southwest Florida - along with other areas in south Florida  - is the nation's winter garden  providing most of the fresh vegetables enjoyed by Americans during the winter months from November through April.

Vegetable production is a major contributor to the economy of southwest Florida generating revenues in excess of $300 million per annum, while creating thousands of jobs for rural communities.

The University of Florida/IFAS and the Hendry County Cooperative Extension Service actively supports the SW Florida Vegetable Industry with up to date research based information, educational programs, modern technology and innovative solutions to problems.

The Hendry County Extension Office, in conjunction with the faculty and staff at the SW Florida Research and Education Center, conducts regular monthly vegetable meetings to keep vegetable growers, managers, technical representatives, scouts, and consultants abreast of the latest research and industry information of note, as well as regulatory issues impacting on the industry.  Check our schedule for upcoming meetings.