Livestock                                                 BOVINE HEADLINES

According to the 2007 Ag. Census, Hendry

County is estimated to have approximately

85,000 head of cattle. The county is ranked

6th in the state for total number of cattle. The

warm climate and mild winters make South 

Florida an ideal environment for doing what

ranchers do best – grow grass and ship calves!

In this region of the country ranchers run a

cow-calf operation, which allows them to ship

a 500-600lb. calf to a feed lot where they

are fattened and processed for red meat, leather

and many other by-products.

The cattle industry is a way of life here; it provides

many careers; from cowboy to fence

builder and drug salesman to researcher.  The

University of Florida/IFAS and the Hendry County

Extension Service works diligently to provide the

cattlemen and other livestock owners with new

technologies, research based information,

educational programs, and innovative solutions

to problems.

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