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Landscaped Florida YardPlant Selection: Shrubs for South and Central Florida

Selected Shrubs for Central Florida - Ornamental shrubs are an important part of the home landscape. Florida homeowners can select from a large variety of available plants. This publication provides homeowners and landscape designers with an awareness of basic shrub characteristics so they can make wise selections.

Each plant or plant group must serve a useful purpose to achieve a well designed landscape. Trees provide the framework and define the structure of the landscape.  Shrubs help partition the landscape while other annuals and perennials are used to provide accents.

South Florida's various plant communities contain many native species of shrubs suitable for landscaping. Native plant materials are often better adapted to Florida landscape conditions than some commonly used exotic species.In recent years, interest in the use of native plants for Florida landscaping has greatly increased. Native Shrubs for South Florida will help you choose natives suited to your landscape.