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Hendry County Horticulture News

Here is a collection of horticultural articles that have appeared in my garden columns over the years.  My writings have rambled over a diversity of subjects of interest to the home horticulturist.  In addition to articles on a particular subject, monthly tips can be found by going to the appropriate month.   Articles are listed alphabetically by subject.  Click on the letter below to see what topics are listed. Note: This page is under construction - more articles will be added soon.


After a Freeze - What Do I Do Now?
Alien Invaders Threaten Florida's Ecosystems
Annual Flowers Fit Well in any Landscape
April 1998 - Will April Flowers Bring May Showers?
April 1999 - Dry Conditions Test Gardeners Mettle
April 2000 - One of Our Driest Months
Arbor Day - He Who Plants a Tree Plants a Hope
Astrological Gardening - Planting by the Moon and Signs
August 1998 - Rainy Days Rule
August 1999 - August Heat Means Gardeners Should Take Precautions
August 2000 - Rains Season Better Late than Never


Bamboo - Symbol of Strength and Flexibility
Bananas - Americas Favorite Fruit
Basil - King Of the Herbs
Bats Eat Mosquitoes as Well as Numerous Garden Pests
Beautiful Begonias
Beneficial Insects - Many Are A Gardeners Best Friend
Beware of Poisonous Plants
Bird of Paradise - Unusual and Attractive
Blackberries - A Luscious Home Grown Treat
Blossom End Rot - Moisture and Calcium Levels are Key
Blueberries - A Northern Favorite Moves South
Bougainvillea - A Robust and Spectacular Climbing Vine
Bromeliads - Appealing "Air Plants"
Bulbs for Florida - Forget Northern Favorites
Butterfly Gardening - A Peaceful Natural Experience


Caladiums - Popular and Colorful Foliage Plants
Cannas Thrive In Hot Summer Weather
Chemicals - Not The Only Solution for Pest Problems
Children and the Joy of Gardening
Christmas Cactus - A Great holiday Gift Idea
Citrus - A Natural Addition to the Florida Landscape
Citrus - Care and Feeding for the Homeowner
Citrus Fertilization for Home Owners
Cold Weather Can Threaten Landscape Plantings
Collards - A Southern Delight
Container Gardens - A Novel Solution for Small Spaces
Coping with Drought in Florida
Crape Myrtle for Un-Rivaled Summer Color
Cycads Provide an Exotic Prehistoric Look
Cypress - An Ideal Choice for Wet Sites


December 1997 - One of the Most Pleasurable Months
December 1998 - Poinsettias and Christmas Cactus
December 1999 - A Delightful Time for Outdoor Activity
December 2000 - A Challenging Month for Gardeners
Disease Control Aided by Knowledge of the Enemy
Disease Control - Cultural Practices are Important In Control Too


Edible Flowers - Have Your Flowers and Eat Them Too
Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Saves Dollars
Environmental Friendly Landscaping
Exotic Invaders Are a Real Threat


Fantastic Figs
February 1998 - A Month To Savor
February 1999 - Warmer Weather Around the Corner
February 2000 - Changing Seasons
Fertilizer Familiarity Pays Off
Flowers Speak Volumes - A Floral Lexicon
Frangipani - Well Known Exotic Tropical


Gardenia - Fragrant Landscape Favorite
Geraniums - A Popular Favorite
Ground Covers Reduce Mowing Time


Heliconias Impart a Tropical Look
Hendry County Goes Digital
Herbicides for Home Lawns
Herbs - Valued For Many Reasons
Hibiscus - The Most Popular Florida Shrub
Horticulture Has Great Healing Power


Impatiens - A Popular but Over-used Annual
Innocent Looking Fern Is A Real Threat
Integrated Pest Management - Beyond Chemicals
Irrigation - An Essential Part of Good Turf Management


Jacaranda for Exquisite Color
January 1998 - Set the Stage for the New Year
January 1999 - A Return to Seasonably Cool Conditions
January 2000 - The First Month of "Spring"
January 2001 - Cool and Dry
July 1998 - Hot Sultry Days and Nights
July 1999 - Rainfall Makes Conditions Ideal for Plants and Pests
June 1998 - Flowering Trees Brighten the Sky
June 1999 - The Rainy Season Brings Pluses and Minuses


Kudzu - A Primer for Beginners


Latin and Caribbean Cultures Contribute Vegetables For Summer
Lawn Care - A Year Round Job
Lawn Grasses for Local Conditions
Lawn Pests Are Common in Florida
Lawn Weed Primer
Lightning Strikes - Florida Leads the Nation
Luscious Loquats


March 1998 - Dry and Windy
March 1999 - Spring in Full Glory
March 2000 - Transition Time
May 1998 - Summer Rains are Coming
May 1999 - The Rainy Season is Coming
May 2000 - Get the Mower Ready
MedFly - One Bad Bug
Mulching Controls Weeds


Nematodes Can Be Bad News
November 1997 - Autumn in SW Florida
November 1998 - Cool and Dry
November 1999 - Cool Dry Weather Returns to SW Florida
November 2000 - Lord, It's Great To Be Alive
Nutraceuticals - Mom Was Right!


Oaks in Florida
October 1998 - Cooler Times Are Here
October 1999 - When It Rains It Pours
October 2000 - Skies are Big and Blue
Oleander - Widely Adaptable and Pretty Too
Onions - Sweet Onions
Orchid Trees - Our Beautiful Bauhinias
Ornamental Grasses - Low Maintenance with a Flair


Pak Choi - A Tasty and Versatile Oriental Vegetable
Palm Diseases - Ganoderma is Incurable
Parsley - More than a Decorative Green Leaf
Passion Vine - An Attractive Exotic Perennial
Peppers - An All American Favorite for Centuries
pH Problems Produce Peaked Plants
Pick Palms for a Tropical Look
Pine Beetles - Aggressive and Destructive
Plant Diseases Favored by Wet Weather
Plants Looking Poorly - Iron May be the Solution
Plant Propagation - Easy and Economical
Poinsettia - A Christmas Star
Poinsettia - The Most Beautiful Euphorbia
Poinsettias - Colorful Christmas Ornamental
Poison Ivy - Bane of the Great Outdoors


Quite Simply Amazing


Re-designing the Landscape - Is a Make-Over In Order?


Salvias Can Provide Year-Round Color
September 1998 - Planting Possibilities Abound
September 1999 - Still Hot but Change is in the Air
September 2000 - Fall is Just Around the Corner
Severe Summer Weather Can Devastate Plantings
Soil - The Foundation for Success in Gardening
Solarization - Bake Out The Bugs
Snow Peas - A Delicious Oriental Treat
Staghorn Ferns Are Highly Valued Specimens


Tabebuia - Often Overlooked Flowering Trees
Take-all Root Rot is Bad News
Termites Can Spell Trouble
The Creator Takes Stock
The Tomato - A Native American
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus - A New Threat to Florida Gardeners
Tree Knowledge Is Important for Their Care and Preservation
Trees - Many Lost or Damaged Due To Misconceptions
Trees - A Valuable Local Heritage


Unusual Vegetables - The Chayote


Vegetable Gardening in Southwest Florida
Vines - Nature's Wall Hangings


Weed Control in Turf
White-footed Ants - Our Newest Home Pest
When Jack Frost Comes Nipping at Your Door
Wildflowers - Nature's Loveliest Gifts


Xeriscaping - Drought is a Frequent Visitor Locally


You Just Might Be an Avid Gardener......


Zamioculcas - A "New" Plant for Indoor Gardeners
Zinnias - Tried and True Color


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