Vegetable Gardening

Blessed with an abundance of land, water and sunshine and favored with mild winters - south Florida is the nation's winter garden -
providing much of the vegetable consumed by Americans during the winter months.

The same factors that have contributed to a vibrant commercial vegetable industry in southwest Florida make it an ideal place to grow a wide range of healthy and delicious vegetables in the home garden.

Statewide there are over 1 million vegetable gardens, these average 300 sq. ft. in size and supply vegetables worth $300 if purchased at the retail level.

Vegetable gardens offer their owners a number of benefits:

  • fresh air
  • sunshine
  • exercise
  • enjoyment
  • mental therapy
  • economic saving and
  • nutritious fresh vegetables.

Gardens may be grown year-round in SW Florida, but the months from September - April generally give the most satisfactory results.

Due to our unique soils and sub-tropical climate - gardening is a little different here and can be disappointing to the un-initiated.

Summer heat can be brutal, soils often provide little more than support to hold plants upright, insects and diseases flourish in our eternal summers and varieties that worked well back home are often miserable failures locally.

Despite these challenges - vegetable gardening in SW Florida can be extremely rewarding to those who learn how.

A wealth of information to get you started and help answer your questions is available from the University of Florida and can be found on the internet.

Basket of Peppers

Basket of Bell Peppers

UF/IFAS Resources

Information on vegetable gardening is also available at the Hendry County Extension Office, feel free to drop in or give us a call at (863) 674-4092.

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